Fundraising for ramen, tattooed tapestries, dive bars, bandoleros, and falafel: my last pre-Covid night out in NYC 2020

Bowl of ramen with hard boiled eggs and roasted tomato, Ivan Ramen


25 Clinton St. New York, NY 10002

Support: Ivan Ramen Staff Fund

I watch one ‘culinary’ show, Chef’s Table. Its episode on Ivan Orkin, founder of Ivan Ramen was all I needed to flag it in Google Maps. Their Tokyo Shio ramen bowl and Sho Chiku Bai filtered sake was the perfect beginning to the night. I sat at a stool with one elbow touching my girlfriend, the other touching a stranger. Oh, innocent stranger touches, how I… don’t miss thee but certainly hate the anxiety that comes with it now.

Image courtesy of Erik Bardin Photography

ABXY GALLERY — Zeehan Wazed exhibition — 7pmish

9 Clinton St., New York, NY 10002

Handsome bartender man in cop costume that is shorts and short sleeves, elbow on bar, awaiting patron drink order
Bartender Alex Pepperman on presumably a warm Halloween night

MILANO’S BAR — For Those Who Know — 8pm

SRO front row for The Last Bandoleros show, ya know?

ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL — livestreaming concerts daily via FB — 9pm

196 Allen St, New York, NY 10002

Various shots of Rockwood Music Hall

Save our stages #SaveOurStages

We NEED the #SaveOurStagesAct and the #RestartAct passed in order to keep independent venues nationwide from closing permanently. Please help us #SaveOurStages now.





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Joe Esposito

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